Iveco camper conversion: Vinyl wrap and window tinting

As we have said many times before here at LADZ Wrap N Tint in Cheltenham we will never shy away from any job, no matter what the size. So when our latest client (who was in the process of converting a long wheelbase Iveco into a campervan) came and asked us if we could vinyl wrap and window tint the entire vehicle we were only too happy to oblige!

It is fair to say that when most people think of vinyl wrapping they usually think about cars but owners of larger vehicles are also getting their vehicles vinyl wrapped, just like this Transit Crew Cab that we wrapped last month for another client.

The Iveco.

Iveco van prior to vinyl wrapping

In the picture above Darren can be seen chatting with the client about his requirements. As you can see she is looking a little tired. The trim surrounds are heavily weathered and the actual paintwork itself is looking extremely faded. In a previous life this Iveco was used as a mini-bus but as said before our client is in the process of converting it into a campervan. Being a long wheelbase and high-bodied this vehicle is absolutely perfect for being converted as there will be tons of space inside.

Now onto our clients requirements. On his Iveco he wants a vinyl wrap and the window tint. The vinyl wrap that he has opted for is Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap Film in Matte Olive Green. We love working with Avery Dennison because it is a superb quality wrap to work with. We will be using just over 21 square meters of vinyl wrap on this vehicle.

He wants all of the windows tinted from behind the cab onward, this is a total of eight windows. Now usually when we get clients wanting vehicle window tints we usually use regular Llumar automotive tint but because this vehicle will be lived in the client has opted for residential window tint to be used instead. This is being installed by our sister company Cheltenham Home Tinting.

The window tint that will be applied to this vehicle is called “Dark Reflective Grey 20 Window Film” and this tint is perfect for heat rejection, meaning that in the warm summer months this will help to keep the heat down inside the campervan. It also offers added privacy which again is perfect. Architectural window film will be used on the single window where the shower is installed. This works very much the same way as traditional frosted glass windows work by preventing anyone from being able to see inside while still allowing lots of light through.

The vehicle prep work.

This Iveco bodywork has had a tough life so there were various dings and dents pretty much all over the place. This isn’t a problem for us as we are able to take care of any imperfections before we vinyl wrap the vehicle. There was a fair amount of very small dings that needed filling and sanding, they can be seen in the above picture as small grey areas.

Iveco rear door pillar repair before and after

One of the rear corners had two sizable dents in it so we used layers of filler on it. This was then primed and sanded and is now ready for the vinyl wrap to be applied. We are not a body shop but we are able to carry out minor repair work to a satisfactory level. In the picture above you can see what it looked like before and after the repair.

We are now ready to start vinyl wrapping!

Now that we are happy with our prep work we can now start to apply the vinyl wrap. There is no set method so we decided to start with one of the front wings and work towards the rear.

Iveco front wing wrapped

We then moved onto the passenger door and passenger side of the vehicle. The door is complete and around three-quarters of the side has also been wrapped.

Iveco passenger door and side being wrapped

We then moved round to the rear of the vehicle and started to work on one of the rear doors. In the picture below Darren can be seen perfecting the finish.

Iveco rear door being wrapped

It is amazing (also not to mention extremely satisfying) to see the wrap starting to come together nicely after hours of prep-work. Remember the two large dents that we filled and sanded? This is what that section now looks like.

Iveco dent repair wrapped

We completed some more sections and this is a picture of the progress made so far. Almost all of the passenger side of the vehicle is now complete, along with the entire rear of the vehicle.

Iveco wrap progress viewed from rear of vehicle

Applying the residential window film.

Cheltenham Home Tinting Logo

Now it was turn of our sister company Cheltenham Home Tinting to tint eight of the windows. Seven of them will be tinted with heat reduction window film and one will be tinted with architectural window film. There is also an energy saving residential film that keeps the heat inside but because our client will primarily be using this as a camper in the summer it makes a lot more sense to install heat reduction film.

Below is a picture from inside the vehicle showing one of the windows tinted with heat reducing Dark Reflective Grey 20 Window Film, compared to the untinted window on the right.

Iveco interior window tint comparison

Once all of the windows had been tinted we were so excited about the transfomation that we quickly dragged her out of the workshop for a nice external shot.

Iveco pictured outside windows all tinted

Back to the vinyl wrap.

Now that the window tinting has been completed it was back to finishing off the vinyl wrap. The majority of the rear and the sides have been completed so we now switched our attention to the front of the vehicle, namely the bonnet.

Iveco bonnet being wrapped

The picture above shows the bonnet in the process of being wrapped, and the picture below shows the bonnet completed.

Iveco bonnet wrap completed

The final main part remaining was the large section above the front windscreen and that is what we vinyl wrapped next.

Iveco almost complete viewed from front

Finishing off.

All that is remaining now is tinting the rear light clusters, tidying up any loose ends and refurbishing all of the external trim pieces. They had weathered very badly so we restored them back to their original black.

Iveco trim restored and fixed back on vehicle

This concludes our Iveco camper van conversion vinyl wrap and window tint showcase, we hope you enjoyed it. Looking at the finished article below we are very pleased with how it turned out!

Iveco camper conversion vinyl wrap and window tinting

If you are interested in getting your own vehicle partially or fully vinyl wrapped please feel free to contact us for a completely free no-obligation quote. We also do stripes and accents.

If you are think of getting any window tinting done then again please feel free to contact us and we will certainly be able to help you out.

For any questions about residential window film for both energy saving or heat reduction purposes then you can contact our sister company Cheltenham Home Tinting by emailing or by calling them directly on 07455 450029.

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