3M 2080 G217 Gloss Deep Blue Metallic

One of the great things about vinyl wrapping is the variety when it comes to different vehicles. For example, last week we were vinyl wrapping a Ford Transit crew cab van and this week we are vinyl wrapping a classic Jaguar car. This Jaguar XJ is going to be wrapped in 3M 2080 G217 Gloss Deep Blue Metallic and we will be covering this in one of our famous vinyl wrapping showcases.

Firstly a little bit about the Jaguar. This particular model is the 2007 X358 version, which is the facelifted version of the X350 that were built between 2003 and 2007. In our opinion this is one of the best looking versions of the entire XJ series which ran from 1968 to 2019. It is a modern take on the classic Jaguar shape of the glorious 1970’s.

Below is a picture of the car as it arrived here at the LADZ Wrap N Tint workshop. This is a very large car coming in at almost 5 meters in length!

Jaguar XJ Before Wrapping

There is always a fair amount of prep work that needs to be done well before the first bit of backing has even been removed from the first piece of vinyl wrap. The paintwork is thoroughly cleaned with IPA and is also clay barred to remove any contaminants. Then the number plates, rear light clusters, rear spoiler etc. are also removed. The paintwork on this Jaguar XJ was in remarkably good shape.

Also you may notice in some of the pictures below that it looks like the vinyl is “peeling.” This is perfectly normal because it is just a thin protective film that is attached to the surface of the vinyl wrap. All of this is peeled off upon completion. Not all vinyl manufacturers use this protective film but 3M do with their 2080 wrap series.

We can now begin the vinyl wrap!

So now we were ready to begin, so we started with the front passenger door. Here Darren can be seen working away perfecting the finish by sealing the vinyl wrap with a heat gun. Note the use of gloves so that there is no damage caused to the vinyl wrap.

Jaguar XJ Passenger Door Being Wrapped
Gently heating the vinyl wrap seals the adhesive to the paintwork.

After that we moved over to the next panel which was the front wing. The client wants some of the large chrome side markers wrapped with a small amount of chrome remaining unwrapped. We will demonstrate this further into this blog showcase.

Jaguar XJ Passenger Front Wing Wrapped

After this we decided to wrap the boot. The panels on this Jaguar XJ are huge! Here are a couple of pictures. In the first picture our technician Lily can be seen getting ready to apply the vinyl to the boot but is making sure that the vinyl is positioned correctly prior to application. The second picture shows the main part of the boot area fully completed.

Jaguar XJ Boot Vinyl Wrap Being Positioned
Jaguar XJ Boot Vinyl Wrap Completed

It is very early days but if you contrast the original grey with this metallic blue you can already see just how nice this vinyl wrap is and how it is going to totally transform the look of the vehicle.

Next up was the bottom area of the boot where the number plate goes.

Jaguar XJ Boot Wrapped

Then we switched our attention to the wing-mirrors.

Jaguar XJ Wing Mirror Wrapped

Then it was back towards the rear of the vehicle where we wrapped the rear passenger door, plus the rear quarter, as can be seen in the picture below.

Jaguar XJ Boot Rear Quarter Wrapped

It’s coming together very nicely.

Now this vinyl wrap is really starting to take shape. We then visited the front of the vehicle and wrapped the enormous bonnet. We are expecting to use an astonishing 23.7 square meters of vinyl wrap on this particular job, such is the colossal size of this vehicle!

Jaguar XJ Bonnet Vinyl Wrap Completed

We also completed the front bumper too.

Jaguar XJ Main Front Bumper Wrapped

After that it was on to the roof of the vehicle. Then it was a case of wrapping the rear bumper and wrapping a few of the smaller bits. Remember the large chrome side markers that the client wanted wrapping? Well here is the finished result. To be honest we weren’t too sure if this was going to look good but it actually surprised us just how good it did look with just the chrome “Jaguar” part left remaining in chrome.

Jaguar XJ Chrome Side Markers Wrapped

The client also had a two leopard (Normandy) badge on the rear bumper which we also managed to retain for him. We always photograph any badges/decals so that when we put them back on they are in exactly the same place.

Jaguar XJ Two Leopards Badge

So that was it, we had finally managed to complete the wrap! Here is a picture of the completed Jaguar XJ under our workshop LED’s. We are very happy with the transformation that this 3M vinyl wrap has given to this vehicle.

Jaguar XJ Wrap Completed Inside Unit Picture

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