Ford Focus various vinyl jobs

As you can see from this earlier blog post we can repair damaged vinyl wrap by re-wrapping certain sections of the vehicle. Our latest client had a Ford Focus project car and unfortunately the vinyl wrap on the bonnet was very badly damaged.

Vinyl wrap is usually very durable but in certain circumstances the vinyl may weather quite badly. He wanted us to completely remove the vinyl from the bonnet and re-wrap it. He also wanted the bottom section of his front bumper wrapped in gloss black, plus he wanted various decals applied to the side of the vehicle too. So we thought that we would do a blog post on the various work we carried out for him.

The bonnet.

Ford Focus Bonnet Vinyl Wrap Damage

As you can see the bonnet was in a bit of a sorry state so we removed all of the vinyl wrap and prepared the surface thoroughly ready for the re-wrap.

Ford Focus Bonnet Vinyl Wrap In Progress

Here we are part way through the re-wrap and you can clearly see what a beautiful wrap this is. It is called Avery Dennison Satin Roaring Thunder and the wrap is multi-coloured depending on how the light reflects off it. As you can see it makes for a very stunning effect and shows off the full potential of modern vinyl wrap.

Ford Focus Bonnet Vent

The picture above shows one of the bonnet vents.

And below is a picture of the bonnet fully wrapped. That looks much better!

Ford Focus Bonnet Vinyl Wrap Complete

The front bumper.

Ford Focus Front Bumper Prior To Wrap

Our client wanted us to wrap along the bottom of the front bumper to compliment the front splitter and make it look more seamless, so we used some Avery Dennison Gloss Black vinyl wrap to do this with. We love working with Avery Dennison wrap as it is top quality and easy to work with.

Our brief was a simple one; he wanted the bottom leading edge wrapped in gloss black all the way round to enhance the look of the front of the car and to blend in seamlessly with the splitter. So we got on with this right away!

Ford Focus Front Bumper Being Wrapped

In the picture above LADZ team members Lily and Darren can be seen working on the car. Our guard-dog and company mascot Axle can also be seen in the background taking a nap! It was Lily’s job to do the front bumper. Below is a further picture of Lily in action on the bumper.

Ford Focus Front Bumper Being Wrapped 2

Below is a picture of one side of the bumper completed. We think it looks much better!

Ford Focus Bumper Accents After

The side decals.

Our final job for our client was to fit some side decals to the vehicle. These were quite tricky because they needed to follow the crease lines accurately and the backing paper wasn’t very transparent. They were also pre-cut and were a single set supplied by our client. We only had one shot at this, so no pressure there then!!

Ford Focus Side Decals Drivers Door

We started on the drivers door. As said before we only had one shot so this job took a fair bit longer that you would imagine. The decal is running perfectly along the crease line.

Ford Focus Side Decals Being Applied

That is the top decal fully applied but there’s also a strip along the bottom too! So we got on with applying that one.

Ford Focus Side Decals Drivers Side View

So that was the one side of the vehicle completed. We then did exactly the same on the other side and that was it, job done!

Ford Focus Side Decals Passenger Side View
Ford Focus Front View
She’s finished!

So as you can see we don’t only do full vehicle wraps and window tinting, we also do partial wraps, wrap repairs, decals etc. We will almost certainly be able to help you with any jobs like this. No job is too small and we approach every job in the same diligent manner. We also keep you updated every step of the way too because we like to provide a good, old-fashioned style of customer service.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any work doing.

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