Van wrapping in Cheltenham with LADZ Wrap N Tint

Here at LADZ Wrap N Tint in Cheltenham we will wrap anything, and that includes van wrapping. Our latest client owns a Ford Transit crew cab tipper and he came to us because he wanted the crew cab part wrapping in Arlon Premium Colour Change Gloss Black PCC-403.

As with many of our wrap jobs we will be featuring this in another of our vinyl wrapping showcases so please read on to see exactly how this particular wrap went from beginnng to end.

The van arrives ready to be wrapped.

Van wrapping Cheltenham

This is the van as it arrived. There is a very large surface area that needs wrapping so we immediately got to work on doing the rear of the cab area. This area was quite detailed with many ridges to navigate.

Transit Crew Cab Rear Of Cab Being Wrapped

We then turned our attention to the front of the vehicle and vinyl wrapped the bonnet.

Transit Crew Cab Bonnet Wrapped
The bonnet looks lovely!

Time to get the ladder out!

After that it was time to vinyl wrap one of the rear doors of the Ford Transit Crew Cab. If you look very carefully at the picture below you will also see one of the team hard at work on the roof vinyl wrapping that too.

Transit Crew Cab Rear Door Wrap In Progress
We even need a ladder for this job!

Next up we completed the rest of the front end of the Transit crew cab.

Transit Crew Cab Front End Completed

We then turned our attention to the roof and began wrapping that. The van had an amber warning light bar on the roof so we had to remove that before we could begin to wrap the roof. Once wrapped we were able to put it back on. Here’s a shot of the roof wrap in progress.

Transit Crew Cab Roof Wrap In Progress

Below is a picture of the passenger side of the vehicle and great progress has been made. All that is remaining is the front passenger door and a small part along the roof of the vehicle. It is extremely satisfying to see the wrap starting to come together nicely.

Transit Crew Passenger Side Almost Fully Wrapped

We’re getting there!

A good few hours later this side of the van is almost complete!

Transit Crew Cab Wrap Almost Complete

Then all that was left was finishing off, which includes putting the door handles back on and going over the entire vehicle making sure that all the vinyl is sealed properly. Below is the finished article looking resplendent outside our workshop under a beautiful clear blue summer sky. We are very pleased with how this vinyl wrap went.

Arlon Premium Colour Change Gloss Black PCC-403.

Transit Crew Cab Fully Wrapped Outside Picture

Do you have a van that you want wrapping?

As said before we don’t only wrap cars here at LADZ Wrap N Tint Cheltenham. If you have a van of any size we can also wrap this for you. Compared to the price of a full respray you will find that the wrapping option is usually around half the price. The vinyl wrap itslf is usually good for at least 7 to 10 years so this makes it a very economically viable option.

To learn more about vinyl wrapping please be sure to check out our vehicle wrapping page where we answer many of the more common questions that we get asked.

With gloss, satin, matt and metallic wraps available there will certainly be a colour and finish that will suit your van. If this is something that you may be interested in please feel free to contact us and one of our expert team will be more than happy to discuss options with you.