Cheltenham Home Tinting – residential window film installation

We are very happy to announce that we have a sister company that specializes in residential window film installation. Residential window film is becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons; from keeping baking hot conservatories cooler in the summer to cutting energy bills in the winter. Here we will look at a few of the services that our sister company Cheltenham Home Tinting provides.

Low E Light 50 Energy Saving Film Being Installed Front Room
Low E Light 50 energy saving window film

Energy saving window film.

There are many different ways that a house loses heat in the winter, from the walls to the roof and even through the windows. Energy saving window film helps to keep the heat inside the home thus helping to reduce fuel bills. With the insane price rises coming up for winter 2022/23 energy saving window film could be a very wise investment indeed. Our sister company are professional installers of this type of window tint.

All of the energy saving window film that Cheltenham Home Tinting install can reduce heat loss in the home through the windows by between 27% and 33% depending on the type of window film used. An added bonus of energy saving window film is that as well as helping to reduce energy bills in the winter it also has some heat reduction properties in the warmer months, making it an excellent choice all year round.

All of their energy saving window film comes with a six year guarantee.

Heat Reduction Window Film
Dark Reflective Grey 20 window film

Heat reduction window film.

Heat reduction film does exactly that, it reduces the heat inside of the home. This residential window film is very popular with owners of conservatories who know first hand how warm it can get inside a conservatory in the warmer months.

Heat reduction window film is fairly inexpensive per meter so is a perfect choice for any rooms that suffer from excessive heat.

All of their heat reduction window film comes with a ten year guarantee.

Architectural window film
Architectural window film

Architectural window film.

Architectural window film works very much the same way that a traditional frosted glass window would; it provides privacy whilst still allowing lots of light in. The picture above is a recent installation from Cheltenham Home Tinting on a vehicle that is in the middle of being converted into a camper van. It was installed on the window housing the toilet/shower area.

There are no energy saving/heat reduction properties in architectural window film, it is purely for decorative and/or privacy purposes.

Skilled Installers
Residential window film being installed

Skilled installers.

The team at Cheltenham Home Tinting are fully qualified to install all three of these different types of window film. Their website is currently being revamped but they can be contacted via their Facebook page, by email at or by telephone on 07455 450029.

Low E Light 50 Energy Saving Film Kitchen Left v Right Comparison
Low E Light 50 energy saving comparison. Left window tinted, right window untinted
Dark Reflective Grey 20 Window Film On A Conservatory
Dark Reflective Grey 20 window film on a conservatory
Dark Reflective Grey 20 Window Film On Terraced House
Dark Reflective Grey 20 window film on a terraced house front window
Dark Reflective Grey 20 Window Film
Dark Reflective Grey 20 window film on a ground floor window

Looking for vehicle window tinting?

If you are looking for vehicle window tinting then we can do that for you. Please feel free to see our window tinting page for more details. To see some examples of recent work we have carried out and to learn about the various window tint percentages please see this blog post.