Chapter 8 conspicuity markings

Here at LADZ Wrap N Tint in Gloucestershire we do all manner of vinyl wrapping, and that includes chevrons that are used for Chapter 8 conspicuity markings for vehicles.

What is the law on conspicuity markings?

According to the official UK government website conspicuity marking requirements on goods vehicles are as follows:

The rear markings for cars and vans are upward facing chevrons in red and yellow alternating stripes, as shown in Figure 4.1. Each chevron stripe should be no less than 150mm in width (larger on big vehicles) and angled upwards between 45 and 60 degrees. The red stripes must be of retro‑reflective material, designed to maximise night‑time visibility. The fluorescent yellow stripes are non‑reflective, providing good daytime and dusk visibility and contrasting with the red. The chevrons should cover as much of the rear as possible without obscuring windows, lights or registration plates. The recommended specification for various types of vehicle are shown in Table 4.7.

Official UK Government website.

Our clients Land Rover cherry picker was looking a little bit tired when it arrived with us.

High quality materials.

On this job we used high quality 3M DG Conspicuity Markings Series 9900 in two colours; yellow/green and orange. This is not cheap but then again as with most things in life you only get what you pay for. The high quality means that these will last a very long time. The DG stands for “diamond grade” and it returns 60% of the light sent its way and can last for 12 years or even longer.

3M Conspicuity Tape Rolls

We never compromise on quality and will only use respected manufacturers for all of our jobs. We leave the Chinese junk to eBay and Amazon.

Anyway, on with the job! First off we had to remove the existing markings, then thoroughly clean the area ready for the new vinyl to be applied. Here is how it looked when we first started.

Cherry picker conspicuity markings half rear bottom completed

The difference is night-and-day. You can tell the quality of this 3M conspicuity vinyl by how thick it is. It is extremely thick with excellent adhesive properties, needless to say this isn’t going nowhere once it has been applied.

Then we went on and completed the other half and reattached all the lenses.

Cherry picker conspicuity markings rear bottom completed

Once the bottom was done next we moved on to the actual bucket itself.

Coming together very nicely!

Cherry picker rear view during

Now it is really starting to come together nicely! The chevrons have to be a certain angle by law too. Below is a picture of the entire rear section of the vehicle complete.

Cherry picker rear view after

This will last for many years giving our client complete peace of mind when going about his work.

After completing the entire rear of the vehicle we then applied some side markings along both sides of the vehicle.

Chapter 8 conspicuity side markings

And finally the front arm was also looking very weathered so we gave that a nice little refresh too.

Here are the before and after pictures.

Cherry picker conspicuity markings boom markings before
Cherry picker conspicuity markings boom markings after

And that is it! The transformation is complete and we think that it looks absolutely fantastic.

Here is a final shot of the vehicle sat outside our unit all ready to go to work.

Chapter 8 conspicuity markings

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