LADZ vinyl wrap a VW Caddy (Part 1.)

This is how we vinyl wrap a vehicle

Firstly a very quick introduction to who we are and what we do. We are a professional vinyl wrapping and window tinting company based in Greet, which is very close to Cheltenham in the heart of Gloucestershire. For any of your wrapping or tinting needs and for a free no-obligation quote please feel free to contact us and we would be delighted to help.

When you think of vehicle wrapping you may think of luxury supercars like Porches and Lamborghini’s, but the truth is almost any car will benefit from a vinyl wrap, it is no longer exclusively for mega-expensive vehicles as it may have been in the very early days of vehicle wrapping.

We have just taken in a white VW Caddy and our client wants a bespoke wrap of mainly gloss red with some gloss black accents, along with tinting of the rear and side windows too.

Now that the vehicle is thoroughly clean the wrap process can begin!

The first thing that we do is give the vehicle a thorough decontamination to remove any ingrained road contaminents. This is to ensure that the vehicles surface is 100% clean and will mean that the vinyl wrap adheres to it perfectly. Even paintwork that looks visually clean will have some form of road film on it and the surface has got to be thoroughly clean before we can start applying the vinyl wrap to the paint surface.

Removing exterior lights allows us to apply the vinyl wrap professionally.

The next job is to remove some of the vehicles trim, such as door handles and exterior light fittings. This will make life a lot easier when wrapping the more trickier parts of the vehicle and will give the finish a thoroughly professional look.

KPMF Vinyl Wrap

The wrap we are using on this VW Caddy is made by KPMF and the colour is Vengeance Red Gloss (KPMF K75403.) KPMF make superb wraps that are reasonably easy to work with too. We wrap using most of the main vinyl wrap manufacturers.

One of the great things about vinyl wrapping is that in most cases it works out considerably cheaper than a full paint respray so it is a great option and well worth considering if you are thinking of freshening up your own vehicle.

The rear side section of the VW Caddy is coming along very nicely!

Some areas are of course larger than others and this side area is huge! There is also lots of curvature and as you can see our experts Darren and Lily are doing a great job in applying the vinyl wrap to this large area. It requires a fair degree of patience as the wrap has to be manipulated into position.

Our custom built wrapping booth is fully insulated and is temperature controlled too. Vinyl wrap needs to be kept at a minimum temperature of 21°C during the application process.

We hope you have enjoyed part 1 of our VW Caddy vinyl wrap showcase and we will be back in a couple of days with part 2!