KPMF Vengeance Red Gloss

One of the most beneficial advantages of vinyl wrapping is that it is usually much cheaper than a full body respray. Our client for this wrap on a 2013 Fiat 500 has purchased this car for his daughter as her first car. The Fiat 500 is an absolutely perfect first car too in our opinion.

The car required a new bonnet and front bumper so our client replaced the bonnet and bumper. But the replacement body panels were of a different colour and that left him with a dilemma, does he pay for a full respray or is there a much better and cheaper way? Well there is, and it is called vinyl wrapping.

His daughter opted for KPMF Vengeance Red Gloss vinyl wrap and this is proving to be a popular colour choice because it is exactly the same colour as we wrapped the VW Caddy in a few weeks ago!

Below is a picture of the vehicle as delivered to us here at LADZ Wrap N Tint in Cheltenham.

Fiat 500 Pre Wrap

Our client had also done most of the preparation work himself on a few small blemishes paintwork-wise, so we had very little prep to do other than a very tiny blemish on the windscreen surround which was slightly raised. We flattened this off, reprimed it and we were ready to go!

We begin the vinyl wrap.

The first panel to be wrapped was the drivers side front wing. You will see that the colour is not too dissimilar to the original colour of the vehicle but it is noticably brighter as seen in the picture below. It looks brighter, and fresher.

Usually when we do a vehicle wrap showcase we do pictures of the individual panel wraps as they are completed, but in this blog post we thought that we would include some action shots of the team actually applying the wrap to the vehicle for some added variety and to really give you a feel of the wrapping process.

Experts at work!

Below is a picture of Darren busy working away on the drivers door of the Fiat 500.

Fiat 500 Drivers Door Being Wrapped From Another Angle

And on the other side of the vehicle Lily is busy carefully working away on the passenger door.

KPMF Vengeance Red Gloss

As you can see from the above pictures this KPMF Vengeance Red Gloss wrap colour really pops. In our opinion it is easily one of the best reds available on the wrap market today.

So both front wings are complete along with both doors, so on from this we wrapped the boot of the vehicle as can be seen here.

Although the Fiat 500 was mostly already red the contrast may be a little difficult to see in this shot but trust us this is very much a brighter and more dynamic red than the original. The original paintwork was also showing slight signs of ageing so this vinyl wrap will totally freshen the look of the vehicle.

The largest part of the vinyl wrap.

The largest job panel-wise by quite some distance was the two rear quarters. These cover the rear quarter and also the sills and the top section above the doors. This meant that we had to template almost the entire side of the vehicle so we could do this all in one hit. Below we see a picture of Lily working on the sills having already completed the rear quarter itself. Also note the colour comparison compared to the rear bumper to see just how much brighter this KPMF Vengeance Red Gloss is compared to the original paintwork.

And here is a close-up of the sill.

KPMF Vengeance Red Gloss

After the rear quarters and sills were completed next up was the rear bumper. In the image below Darren can be seen applying the finishing touches to it with a heat gun. He does this to seal the wrap and ensure perfect adhesion.

Fiat 500 Rear Bumper Fully Wrapped

So now the entire rear portion of the vehicle is complete, all that was remaining was the roof, the bonnet and the front bumper. It’s amazing how quickly things take shape once a few of the larger panels on the vehicle have been completed. The bonnet was quite small so relatively easy to complete. The picture below shows this.

So now the bonnet is no longer blue! And that just left just the front bumper to sort and we got on with vinyl wrapping that immediately after finishing the bonnet.

KPMF Vengeance Red Gloss
Excuse the mess, there’s a lot of cutting out to do!

So there you have it, a detailed breakdown of the entire wrapping process. Here is a picture of the vinyl wrap of the Fiat 500 fully completed.

KPMF Vengeance Red Gloss
She’s done!

We think that it looks stunning. The thing is with vinyl wrapping is that many people when thinking of vinyl wrapping only think of expensive sports cars, but the truth is these days vinyl wrapping is possible on regular cars and for a very reasonable price too. As said before at the beginning of this vinyl wrap showcase our customer faced a dilemma whether to go for a full respray or a vinyl wrap. He opted for the vinyl wrap and the car has been totally transformed into something that his daughter can be very proud of, and all for around half the price of a full body respray.

Are you thinking of a vinyl wrap?

We always end these blog posts by saying that if you are thinking of transforming your own vehicle please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your options. There are quite literally hundreds of vinyl wrap options available and we can help you to find your perfect match. We hope that you have enjoyed our Fiat 500 KPMF Vengeance Red Gloss vinyl wrap showcase.