What are window tint percentages?

Here at LADZ Wrap N Tint we often get emails asking us to explain the different types of window tint so in ths blog post we will try our best to explain to you the different types of tints that are available for your vehicle.

The percentage refers to visible light transmission (VLT) which is the amount of visible light that can pass through the window. So a 15% tint means that only 15% of visible light can get through. Basically the lower the percentage number the darker the window tint will be.

Is it legal?

Firstly, the legailities. Certain window tint cannot be used on the front windscreen plus the driver and passenger side front windows. Here in the United Kingdom the law states:

The front windscreen must let at least 75% of light through and the front side windows must let at least 70% of light through.

It is illegal to sell an illegally tinted vehicle or install an illegal tint on a vehicle. If we were to do this we would then be liable to proscecution as well as the vehicle owner.

15% tint.

Darren is seen here applying 15% tint to the rear window of a VW Caddy

A very popular percentage is 15%. This is quite a dark tint but not completely black. You can get a very good idea how dark it is in the picture above. It is one of our most popular tints. Many brand new vehicles that have dark tinting on the rear part of the vehicle will be using either 15% or 20% tint.

Some of the benefits of vehicle window tinting are as follows:

  • Added security by making it difficult to see what is inside the vehicle.
  • Reduces heat inside the vehicle in the summer.
  • Increased privacy, especially for passengers in the rear of the vehicle.
  • Enhances the asthetic appearance of the vehicle.
  • Helps to block harmful UV rays.
  • Can help to keep car upholstery from fading due to sun damage.
  • Possible protection from shattered glass in the event of an accident.

5% tint (also known as Limo Tint.)

A Ford Ranger with 5% tint (also known as limo tint.) This is the darkest tint that we do.

5% tint is also known as “Limo Tint” and is almost compltely black. It only allows 5% of visible light through. This particular tint will be found on most limousines so you will probably already know just how dark this window tint is.

85% tint.

Another very popular window tint is 85%. 85% window tint (just like all percentages 85% or lower) blocks out all UV so they are very good for people with any issues caused by the sun. Because 85% is a very subtle tint it is very popular with clients that don’t want to go all-out on a dark tint but want the added benefits of a window tint.

We only use Llumar automotive window tint for all our tints as they are one of the highest quality window tints available. Not all window tints are created equally. Llumar tints are trade only and LADZ Wrap N Tint are approved installers so you can have complete peace of mind.

The entire window tint spectrum runs from 5% right up to 90% and here is a quick summary of the various tint percentages along with a brief desciption:

  • 5% tint (Limo Tint) – The darkest window tint available.
  • 15% tint – A dark shade, our most popular dark tint.
  • 50% tint – An ideal compromise if you don’t want to go too dark but would like some privacy.
  • 85% tint – Very subtle shade, barely noticable but great for blocking out the suns harmful UV rays.

Fancy a tint?

Here at LADZ Wrap N Tint we take great pride in tinting any vehicles be they large, small, old or new. For a quick no-obligation quote please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any further questions that you may have.

We also have a very handy frequently asked questions area on our window tinting page where we cover many of the questions that we get asked.

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