Headlight And Tail Light Tinting

Here at LADZ Wrap N Tint we get many requests for head and tail light tinting (mainly tail light tinting) so we thought that we would show a few examples of headlight and tail light tinting that we have recently completed.

What is vehicle light tinting?

Vehicle light tinting is a popular cosmetic upgrade on a vehicle. A very thin tinted film is applied to the light clusters of the vehicle. Depending on the type or colour of the vehicle this relatively low cost option can dramatically improve the look of the vehicle, especially when tied in with rear vehicle window tints.

How long does it take?

All headlights and tail lights are different but essentially are very similar in size. We can usually apply the tint to a pair of head or tail lights within one hour, so this is a perfect while-u-wait job.

How many shades are there?

There are many shades and even colours but we like to keep things sensible here so we have three different shades. They are as follows:

  • Light
  • Mid
  • Dark

The most popular tint that we fit is mid. This is actually quite dark (we have some pictures below) so really we would advise this as the darkest shade, because dark is actually very dark. Light tint is also quite dark but markedly lighter than mid.

We only use the highest quality film too, no crappy eBay or Amazon specials.

How much does it cost?

We have a set price per pair, whether that be tints for the front lights or rear lights. The price is £72 (including VAT.)

Show me some examples.

Below are a few examples of the different shades and how they look on the vehicles, starting with mid tint which as said before is our most popular shade.

Mid rear light tint.

BMW 440i Rear Light Tints Mid
Mercedes GLE 400 AMG Line rear light tints mid
BMW rear light tints mid
Seat Leon FR rear light tints mid
Jaguar XK Rear View Lights Tinted
VW Eos Rear Light Tints Mid

Below is a nice comparison shot on a VW Polo showing one side untinted and the other side tinted.

VW Polo Rear Light Tints Comparison

Light rear light tint.

Nowhere near as popular as the mid tint but still looks very good.

C43 Mercedes AMG Rear Light Tints light
Mercedes A180 Rear Light Tints Light

Front light tints.

Front light tints are less popular than rears but here is one we did the other week on a lovely BMW 440i.

BMW 440i Front Light Tint Light
BMW 440i Front Light Tint Light Close Up

Want yours done?

If you are interested in getting your own head or tail lights tinted please feel free to contact us and we will book you in. 😀

As said before we can do this while-u-wait so it’s a quick procedure that will transform the look of your vehicle!

Looking for vehicle window tinting? We also do that too. Please feel free to visit our window tinting page for more details.